RFID Blocking Card for protecting your cards

Therefore, everyone should have an RFID Blocking Card in their wallet.

RFID Blocking Card
RFID Blocking Card

When contactless cards were introduced, the possibility of a new method of wirelessly stealing the card information needed to clear your account also arose. Now there is a simple thing to protect your charge cards from modern pickpockets: RFID Blocking Card.

1. The number of online card scams has increased
Card fraud where someone uses another person’s card information online has increased worldwide. Criminals can today, using a reader or mobile app, tap contactless payment cards for information so they can use the card to shop online with your money.

2. An easy way to protect yourself from wireless skimming
To date, it has been difficult to protect against this type of theft. Security companies have developed user-friendly protection that secures contactless payment cards against the new fraudulent method.

3. Place the protection card in the wallet
All you need to do to be protected from wireless skimming is to place the card in your wallet. The noise transmitter in the card blocks the signals of devices trying to communicate with the charge cards.

4. This protects all over the world
The smart technology in the protection card also works abroad. This makes it a perfect investment for, for example, your vacation, and you don’t have to worry about wireless pickpockets when you go to town.

5. Fits in all wallets
The protection card looks like a regular debit card and fits in all wallets, mobile covers, and cardholders.

How the Card works:

The RFID Blocking Card looks like a regular debit card but has a built-in noise transmitter that interferes with the transfer of information between the debit cards and the scanner.
The protection card is placed together with the payment cards in the wallet and protects up to 8 payment cards for at least 5 years.

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RFID Blocking Card

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